This programme is targeted to provide a 4-level training sequence for the students in order to execute the concepts of Servant Leadership:

1st Year
  • As a participant
  • Engage in service planning and implementation
  • Equip knowledge and skills
2nd Year
  • As a mentor
  • Coach and share experience
  • Equip leadership skills
3rd Year
  • As a supervisor
  • Lead the service planning sessions
  • Give advice in service implementation
4th Year
  • As a co-worker
  • Lead the service team
  • Assist in the project management of SLTP

Servant Leader


CityU full-time undergraduate students

Senior Servant Leader

Assist in:

  • Registration Day
  • Promotion Week
  • Recruitment Period
  • Welcoming Night
  • Team Building Training

As a mentor of your own service team:

Advanced Trainings for Senior Servant Leaders:

Servant Leader Manager and Director

As a spokesperson for SLTP:

Advanced Trainings for Servant Leader Managers:

Events Highlight for Past SLTP Seniors

Overseas Service Trip to Nepal: